Console Locations

Seeking out new locations with great potential, visitors flow and accessibility is Gritus’ daily job.
Currently, over 200 Gritus smart vending consoles are at your service 24/7 in different areas in Hong Kong.

Gritus Smart Vending Console - Locations Map

The map above may not include all consoles as we have new consoles being deployed every week. Please also note that there is more than one console in some locations.

Reminder: You can search by “Gritus 售賣機” with Google Map as well! Please tick the “Update result when map moves” box, Google Map can display up to 20 locations per search. (Google Map needs time to update the locations, what you see at the moment may not reflect the actual status.)

Working Examples



Schools and Activity Centres


  • U-Freight Office

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Gritus Smart Vending Consoles are manufactured and developed by Gritus Technology Limited.