Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it require any retail experience?

Nope. The Gritus team has extensive experience & will be here to help troubleshoot & streamline any operational needs.

Q: I don't want to buy a console but I have space. Can I work with Gritus?

Yes. Please click here to get in touch.

Q: Was Gritus really an incubatee with Cyberport?

Yes. You can click here to find us in Cyberport’s directory.

Q: How is Gritus' finances?

We are a startup but we have healthy cash flow & operations. We are also actively working on projects with partners in public & private sectors to further the trust & confidence in our investors.

Q: Why is there a time delay between confirmation & actual operation?

After the paperwork, our team will perform the followup steps including venue selection with you, as well as placing an order for your brand new console. We are working to shorten this process as much as possible to allow a speedier launch for every console.

Q: What can we sell on a smart vending console?

Aside from hundreds of items such as beverages, snacks, lifestyle products, toys, beauty products etc, our Gritus platform is also capable of connecting to other brands & systems. While we continue to roll out innovative use of our console, feel free to get in touch if you have unique products which might need our help to get to your customers.

Gritus Smart Vending Consoles are manufactured and developed by Gritus Technology Limited.