Defying Tradition

In Hong Kong, vending machines are more known as “soft drinks machine” to locals. Yet, these machines had undergone radical changes with the growth of information technology. What we have today is a “smart vending console”. It is a multi-functional retail platform that defies traditional buy-and-sell models. It is a one-stop platform that connects businesses and consumers.

Smart Management

Cloud system allows business owners to monitor a smart vending console from operating condition, stock quantity, revenue etc. Our cloud-based platform lets us know the time to replenish and the console status for any maintenance needs, everything automated.

Smart Retail

With the big touchscreen on every smart vending console, there is no limitations anymore. Interactive shopping experience such as video insert, gamification, and chatbot are all fired up. Purchase intention can also be stimulated by offers; or instant discount after a brand video.

Smart Marketing

Smart vending consoles are also mobile billboards. As a franchisee, you can share profit from ads & brand consignments on top of product sales. As a brand, you can get access to data to adjust pricing, promotions, product details at ease to optimize sales strategy.

Diverse Products

For “soft drink machines”, drinks are all they sell. A smart vending console, however, can do much more than you might think. Gritus’ consoles have been supporting different types of goods from food and beverages, commodities, toys, beauty products and even food delivery service.

O2O Experience

Online payment systems such as Octopus, WeChat Pay and Alipay facilitate the buy-and-sell processes. Customers can collect gifts or discounts after finishing a form or a game. Our consoles can connect to other systems to offer O2O services as well.

Succesful Cases

Gritus Smart Vending Consoles are manufactured and developed by Gritus Technology Limited.